Feb 26
VIDEO: Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) 2013 Tour Setup

Check out the second episode of our Woodshed Artist Video Series for an inside look into the gear Rich Redmond uses on the road with country superstar Jason Aldean!

    Rich Redmond / Jason Aldean tour drum set up 2013


  • DRUMS (DW):
  • Red Ruby Glass (Collectors Series Maple Shells) & Black Nickel Hardware
  • Toms: 10×12 (VLT), 16×16 Tom (X), 18×18 (VLX)
  • Kick: 18×24 (VLX)
  • Snare: 5×14 (VLT)
  • A variety of Edge, Super Solid, Aluminum, Brass and Steel Snares
  • 9000 series, 9000 double kick pedal (with Danmar Cherry Red Wood Beaters)
  • CYMBALS (Sabian):
  • 16″ Prototype Hats
  • 15″ AA Rock Hats
  • 19″ or 20″ Vault Saturation Crashes or AAxplosions
  • 24″ Custom Made AA Rock Ride
  • 19″ AA Holy China
  • HEADS (Remo):
  • Snare: Remo CS Coated Black Dot or Emperor X
  • Toms: Remo Coated Emperors / Clear Ambassador
  • Kick: Remo Clear Powerstroke 3 (with Remo Double Pedal Falam Slam Pads)
  • Kick Reso (Woodshed):
  • Custom drumhead logo art (direct-print on Smooth White Emperor)
  • STICKS (Promark):
  • Autographed 5B American Hickory (wood tip), Hot Rods
  • Roland SPD-SX
  • Alesis DM5 Sound Module + DDRUM Triggers
  • Buttkicker Concert Series Monitors
  • JH Audio In-Ear Monitors
  • MICROPHONES (Audio Technica):
  • AE2500 (Kick), AE3000 (Snare), ATM450 (Hats), ATM350 (Toms), ATM450 (Ride), 4050/4047SV (Overhead)
  • Woodshed Stage Art, Gator, Alcorn Custom Case, Gon Bops, Quickstix, Cympad, Drumdial, Robokey, Hansenfutz, Blowit Fans, Real Feel, Puresound

Jason Aldean drummer Rich Redmond tour drum set up with Woodshed Stage Art drumhead art

Jason Aldean Night TrainAldean’s arena tour shows in support of his fifth studio album “Night Train” have been selling out across the country in record-time, but the band continues to stay humble. “We really try to focus on our live show and try to deliver our energy to the people in the cheap seats!” says Redmond. (Already Platinum, the album features the Aldean’s touring band on each and every track, a formula they’ve used since his debut.)

Special thanks to Rich Redmond’s drum tech, Jon Hull for the help with this interview and gear list! (As you probably know, the drum tech is truly the unsung hero behind your favorite touring drummer!)

Don’t forget to check out RichRedmond.com and CrashCourseForSuccess.com!

Jason Aldean drummer Rich Redmond with Woodshed Stage Art owner Dominic Tancredi

Rich Redmond & Woodshed owner Dominic Tancredi

See anything you like in this gear list? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Cody says on :

    Why aren’t Rich’s drum machines listed under electronics? I think he uses the Roland DR-880 and the Alesis SR-18 for a click.

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